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Grounding & Connecting

When our brains are going a mile a minute, racing in every direction, we can feel crazed and overloaded. Ultimately, it's just your ego trying to get your attention focused on your thoughts and help you avoid your emotions. But by grounding and connecting yourself, you get your focus from your brain and you can… Continue reading Grounding & Connecting

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Happy New Year!

Each new year, I look at everyone making the same resolutions each year and I always feel a bit.... odd. Or maybe uncomfortable. That feeling that maybe I should make a resolution, but it no longer feels correct. And for so many reasons... Why arbitrarily at the beginning of the year? And am I a… Continue reading Happy New Year!

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Watching and feeling….

Today has been a little frustrating. Choosing a topic to post about today. Trying to get an ad started on Facebook. Finding the energy to do SOMETHING! And then it struck me. We sometime feel we have to FORCE things to happen. Push through and just do SOMETHING. Don't get me wrong, I think that… Continue reading Watching and feeling….