What is Light Running?

The table you will be laying (or “laying”!) on…

What the heck is a Light Running session? And what can I expect?

Light Running is a type of vibrational healing work that can help you break through old patterns that no longer serve you. Using energy and working with the chakras and incorporating some helpful tools and suggestions, you walk away with some concrete ways to help you navigate life more gracefully and gratefully.

During your session, you’ll lay on the massage table fully clothed. After you get comfy ( let me know if you need a knee pillow or a blanket), I’ll connect to you energetically at your feet.

If you are a distant client, I’ll essentially do the same thing – I’ll have you energetically laying on my table and will connect to you as if you were actually laying on it.

From there, I’ll work through your energy field to see what’s up for you right now move the energy through and see if there is anything specific you are looking to achieve with your session. We may pull cords on a specific issue or person you may feel challenged by. (See below for Pulling Cords.) Or you may just lay and allow the energy to do its work.

Once I’ve finished with the energy work, I’ll take the last 10 or so minutes to write up a small recap of what I’ve found. (For distant clients, we will chat and I’ll type up and email a wrap-up within 24 hours.) I’ll share with you any additional thoughts and, if it makes sense, I’ll share a “continuing growth” assignment. (This is to help shift you into looking at things in a slightly different way, with the intention of feeling more peaceful in your life.)

Which type of sessions should you sign up for?

Currently, I have a few different types of Light Running sessions on offer right now. They are pretty self-explanatory, but here they are spelled out fully for you!

  • Light Running – This is a standard 60 minute session for clients who have been to see me before. If you’re brand new, check my next option! But if you’ve seen other Light Running practitioners in Crested Butte and feel relatively comfortable with what happens, this one is for you!
  • Light Running – new client – This session is 75-90 minutes long, but is essentially the same as a standard session. But as a new client, you may have more questions or need a little more time understanding some thing that are shared. This session costs the same as a standard session. Oh, and even if you have been to other practitioners, but still have lots of questions, choose this!
  • Light Running – child – This session is only 30 minutes long and is for children (typically under the age of 12, but this can be flexible based on the child – older than 15, they will need a regular session). For this session, I accept donations based on what you feel works for you. Oh, and I try to keep it light and fun for the kiddos! Some younger kiddos with a shorter attention span may have a shorter session – I like to allow the child to help guide me with the length! Often, though, the child will work through their issues quicker – after all, they’ve been here for a shorter time and don’t have the stuff that us adults like to carry around.
  • Light Running – distant – This is a standard 60 minute session done for clients who are unable to come to my studio. I will call you at the beginning of your session and will work on you for 50 minutes while you are  relaxing. I will work on you energetically for a standard session or for pulling cords. At the end of the session, we will chat about your session to discuss any patterns I notices as well as any assignments that seem appropriate. I then write up a short recap for you within 24 hours. (NOTE: If you are signing up online, my software does NOT account for time zones. Please call or email me if you have any problems adjusting for this!)
  • Light Running – distant, new client – This session is 75-90 minutes. I will give you a call at the start of the session. You will have some time any questions you may have, I will share a bit more about the energy work and we can chat about what issues you are experiencing before I begin working on you. I will then work on you for about 50 minutes while you are relaxing. At the end of the session, we chat about your session to discuss any patterns I notice as well as share with you any assignments that seem appropriate. Finally, I’ll write up a short recap for you within 24 hours.  (NOTE: If you are signing up online, my software does NOT account for time zones. Please call or email me if you have any problems adjusting for this!)
  • 5 Light Running Sessions – If you enjoyed your session and would like to continue the deep work on clearing out your reactions, I highly recommend purchasing a package….
  • Space Clearing – Does your home or office or another space feel stuck and stagnant? Using many different techniques – which I’d love to share with you so that you can clear your own spaces – I will help move out any dense energy that may be weighing you down. You can read much more about space clearing in my blog post and a longer explanation on how to do this yourself at the end of this post! NOTE: This is a time dependent option – depending on the size of your spaces, if more time is needed, it will be $50 an hour. Most 1500 square foot homes can be cleared in 45 minutes.

What is “pulling cords”? Do I need to do anything special?

When you have something particularly distressing, or are triggered by a person, situation, just about anything, one thing I can do is to pull cords.

When pulling cords, I’ll be saying some words which you will repeat. Then I will start pulling out some off those triggers. It’s a very powerful way to start moving through our frustrations with these people, situations or whatever. I highly recommend considering it if you are particularly triggered! And when we chat, I’ll let you know more in depth how it works and if it’s correct in the moment.

What do you need to do? Aside from having an idea of what is triggering you, nothing. During your session,  I will help you find the right wording or person if it’s not readily apparent. I will often suggest to you what may be helpful to pull cords on.

If you are having a distant session done, we will be on the phone the entire time and I do recommend having headphones on so that you can be hands free as you relax. (Speaker will work, too, but often I find that the nature of speaker phones is quite distracting for both of us.)

Do I need to be quiet or talk?

When you are being worked on, you are always welcome to ask questions or share what you are experiencing. If I feel that the talking is getting in the way of relaxing or allowing the energy to move, I will let you know. And if I am sharing information and you would prefer me to be quiet, don’t hesitate to let me know!


Do you have more questions?!

Just shoot me an email! I’m happy to help you understand it more based on your current knowledge. I’ll chat with you via email or even set up a short phone call to discuss Light Running with you!

What is Space Clearing?

Quite often, without even realizing it, we can be sensitive to the energies in different places. When the vibration of the energy is higher or faster, we can feel uplifted and clear. And when it’s low, we can feel uncomfortable or even weighted down.

By using some easy techniques, we can quite easily take the energy of a room from lower vibration to something much higher – often allowing you to accomplish things more easily!

Are you ready to book your session now? Please head over here or you can email me, text me or call me at 303-881-9298…. I can’t wait to work with you!