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Space Clearing Workshop – and tips!

I'm so excited to present my first workshop! I'm hoping to do many over the course of the next few months.... And my first one will be for Space Clearing! What the heck does this mean, you ask? Well, if you've seen some of my posts over on Facebook, this may have given you some… Continue reading Space Clearing Workshop – and tips!

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Seminars and more…

The other day, I was working on a client when I had a thought come in.... Wait. Let's stop there. In the past, I have taught so many different classes. I primarily taught AutoCAD (500 people at Texas Instruments + many others) and photography a few times. And I knew that I'd love to teach… Continue reading Seminars and more…

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Meditating… (Wait! Don’t leave!)

Here's the second thing I will do to help me clear my mind... But trust me, "clearing my mind" was NOT what it did at first.... Meditation. Okay, I know some of you may be thinking, "Wait. What? Meditating sitting saying 'Om' for 30 minutes doesn't sound at all like fun! And I don't have… Continue reading Meditating… (Wait! Don’t leave!)