light running

What is Light Running?

So… What is Light Running? And what can you expect if you come for a session?

Light Running is energy work. For those of you that are completely new to the idea of “energy work”, if you’ve experienced acupuncture, you’ve experienced a different type of energy… With Light Running, the energy is moved through light touch as well as off the body. So, if you come in for a session, you may think I look a little crazy as I wave my hands around, pull off “invisible” energy or move the energy from one area to the other.

But the intention is to balance everything out…. And to help you feel more calm and centered within whatever is going on in your life. I look for where the energy is held, where you are pulling in (needing more energy to move through releasing an old pattern) or releasing (releasing an old pattern that no longer supports you).

Moving out those old patterns – mental, emotional, physical – and allowing new, more open hearted patterns to replace them is what my intention is when I’m working on you.

While getting worked on, you can feel nothing, your stomach may gurgle (energy moving), you may fall asleep, or feel very relaxed. Everyone experiences it in a different way – and I experience it different every time! You can talk during the session or lay quietly – it’s your choice….

For those of you with a bit of knowledge, I work with the chakras (or the 7 energy centers on your body) to move out any areas that may be held, add energy where it’s needed or move out old patterns that no longer support you.

Would you like to try Light Running? Just get in touch for 20% off your first session! You can click here to book it, Danno!

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